How it works

The beautiful weather is here, and so is the high demand for reservations.  CONMOLE now offer the following seatings:

5, 6 and 7 PM  INDOORS

530, 545, 730,  745 and 8:00 PM OUTDOORS

For parties of 5 or 6  guests a deposit of $10 per person is required. Please give us a call or email us too book your table.

This deposit will be applied to your final bill or refunded to your card. In case that there  is no show or cancellation; this deposit IS NOT REFUNDABLE

In order to accommodate other patrons, the maximum allowed time for a reservation is 2 hours

We please ask you to be on time as your table will be held for 10 mins ONLY --if no show-- then it will be given away to the next walk-in patron


Last minute plans?

We offer couple of tables under the FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. Give us a call for a table availability before your arrival.

For changes or cancellations please notify us by no later than 5pm on the day of your reservation. 

Please email  to book a table in order to received  your confirmation email or Should you have any further questions.


We work on a week by week setting ---the reason why we ONLY take reservation during the week of your visit. 

NOTE: Our maximum number of guest for a reservation is 8. Because of our limited kitchen size, and dining space Conmole will not longer book parties or 9 or more.


Feel free to give us a call 434 328 2519  and please remember: NO CHIPS AND SALSA!

Disclaimer: By deciding not to show to your reservation; you are hurting our industry. A notification for cancellation  is greatly appreciated. This give us the opportunity to offer your seat to other patrons.

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