Dinner:  Monday - Saturday 5:00pm - 9:00 pm.             
Weekly menu
house specialties
$9.    Tamales (available after 4pm)
no carne: Wild Mexican green "chipotle". queso fresco. mole verde 
con carne: chicken. mole verde
$10.    Empanada 
no carne: organic zucchini. tomatoes. onion. cilantro cream
con carne: ground beef. cilantro. mix vegetables. cilantro crema
$12.    Tacos
Two pork carnitas tacos. pico de Gallo. salsa picante.avocado mousse.
$12.    Aguacate Relleno
Half of fresh avocado. filled corn. organic zucchini.
onions. tomatoes. mole Amarillo. queso fresco
$14.  Barbacoa
Hager steak barbacoa. rice. tortillas. salsa verde picante. cebollitas.
$16.    Scallops
Beer-battered fresh U10 Jumbo Scallops. pico de Gallo. chipotle crema.
$20.    Chuletas ( available for dine-in ONLY)
New Zealand. 100% grass-fed bay lamb chops. tres Chile mole. rice. tortillas. 
$38. CONMOLE PACKAGE  (feeds 2)
available for curbside pick up ONLY.
1 choice Tamale 
1 Coliflor
1 choice Empanda
1 choice mole:
Guajillo mole pork ribs
mole negro con pollo
mole verde with pork ribs.
(available for pick up after 4 PM)
available for curbside pick up ONLY.
Due to the limited number of tamales available daily. We strongly suggest to PREORDER if you are to place more than 3 tamales in a single order. PLEASE GIVE US 24 HRS noticed, hence the time of preparation can take up to 3 hours. 
$10.  Coliflor 
pan-seared organic cauliflower toasted with egg. green mole 
$12/$15   Frijol Molido Mole
no marisco: roasted black beans mole. Sharondale Farm 
Mushrooms. corn tortillas. 
con marisco: seared jumbo shrimp. roasted black bean mole. chile arbol. tortillas.
$12/$16.  Guajillo Mole
no carne:  grilled chayote and cauliflower. queso fresco.rice
con carne: slowly cooked pork ribs. guajillo mole. caromont queso fresco. rice.
$12/ $16.  Mole Negro 
no carne: homemade Oaxaca mole negro. masa gnocchi. green beans guacamole mousse. sesame seeds
con carne: homemade Oaxaca mole negro. slowly cooked chicken. guacamole mousse. sesame seeds. rice.
$10/ $18.  Enfrijoladas
no carne:quick fried corn tortillas deep into refried black beans. potatoes. tomatoes.onions. caromont queso fresco. chipotle crema.
con carne: quick fried corn tortillas deep into refried black beans. hanger steak cooked MR. Caromont queso fresco. chipotle crema
PLAIN**: masa based picaditas.CONMOLE's refried black beans. queso fresco. fresh avocados.
HONGOS**: masa based. picaditas. roasted black beans mole. Sharondale mushrooms. queso fresco.
CHICKEN: masa based picaditas. mole negro. pollo. queso fresco. fresh avocados.
**please write under special instructions if you are vegetarian.


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