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About Us

Conmole was created to represent true Mexican cuisine, using exotic Mexican ingredients  to provide you with the most flavorful food.


Our team has come together from backgrounds such as Oaxaca city, one of the most beautiful places in México where spices, chocolate, mole, grasshoppers are at the center of the traditional culinary experience.

We are bringing the influence of all different regions from this beautiful State in México to represent Mexican food at its best by introducing mole as our main focus.   

Our MOLE is carefully crafted to meet the perfect taste with a kick of spice to linger and truly feel the magic of every dish. 

We take pride on every single one of our moles. The process to get to the mole paste is a long journey that can only be achieved with the passion, and patient of our team. 

Come and join us to experience a truly different perspective on Mexican food. 

Be forewarned: we do not offer chips and salsa

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